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Just like Email & Calendar, every Cal Poly student, faculty and staff receives a OneDrive account with 5 terabytes of cloud storage. OneDrive is an app in the Office 365 suite that allows users to upload and share files, and create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents via web browser, mobile or desktop app. Multiple people can work on a document in real-time and OneDrive provides automatic versioning and document history. One Drive is approved for the storage of Cal Poly Level 1 data (with the exception of payment card data and protected health information). Level 1 data is not permitted to be shared outside of the university.





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Faculty, staff, and students automatically receive a OneDrive account when their relationship with the university begins, as part of Office 365. For auxiliary departments (CPC, ASI) and others associated with the university, a request for an account must be submitted to the ITS Service Desk.   For students, faculty and staff, this service is made possible through Cal Poly funds, no additional charges. For CPC, ASI, and Affiliates, a OneDrive account is included in the cost of an email account. 




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Office 365 is a web-based suite of apps for communication and collaboration, which also includes online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


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