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Slack is a collaborative chat platform currently available to campus technical support staff (ITS and CITC) for cross-team communication. In addition to direct messaging and group channels, Slack offers app extensions centrally managed by ITS, such as integrations with OneDriveEmail & Calendar, and Zoom Conferencing

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Slack is available via browser, desktop or mobile application. Technical staff (ITS and CITC) can self-provision by logging into with Cal Poly credentials. Guest accounts are available upon request. Application support and integration requests can be submitted to #slack-requests by technical staff (ITS and CITC).

  Made possible through Cal Poly funds, no additional charges.


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Other Slack Workspace


A general campus Slack workspace has been created for non-technical staff, but is not supported by ITS. The free-tier Slack workspace,, can be utilized by anyone with a valid e-mail address.



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